Shore fishing

Shore fishing
Xai Xai

The warm waters of the Mozambique current coupled to the extensive in-shore reef structures provide the ideal conditions for surf fishing.

The summer months from October to April, when the water temperatures range from 25°C to 28°C, are the best shore fishing months. During this time, the warm (predominantly north to south) current is closer to the shoreline and therefor good catches of game fish are taken off the beaches. The winter months (water temperatures from 21°C to 23°C) are however not as good.

Early morning and late evening into the night are the best times to fish. similarly an in-coming tide is better than an out-going tide.

The most common fish caught from the shore are a wide variety of Kingfish (including the Giant Kingfish), Stumpnose, Pompano, Shad and a variety of reef fish.

Occassionally, and particularly in the summer months, the smaller game fish such as Couta (King Mackerel), Queen Mackerel and Barracuda are also caught off the beaches.

The traditional natural baits are halfbeaks, Sardines, Squid and crabs. Elastic cotton is normally used to secure the bait whilst various types of sand sinkers are used to prevent the bait washing ashore in strong currents. In almost all cases, with wire or nylon trace should be used to counter the very sharp teeth of the resident game fish.

A fishing license is required,  – obtainable from Maritime offices on the beachfront or from Reef Resort’s reception and strictly payable in cash.



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